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Russia builds new Asia trade routes to weaken sanctions over war

Deccan Herald 19 Apr 2024
Report.<p>Still, the United Arab Emirates’s DP World port operator in October signed an agreement with Russian state-run Rosatom nuclear operator to develop container shipping along the route ...

US Air Force secretly develops missiles that could obliterate Iran

The Daily Mail 19 Apr 2024
The US Air Force has quietly deployed missiles that could destroy the electronics of Iran's nuclear facilities with high-power microwaves, rendering them useless, without causing any fatalities, has learned exclusively.

Astronauts and entrepreneurs, warp drive and wormholes: Edison Awards honor innovation

Naples Daily News 19 Apr 2024
The closest potentially habitable planet is near Proxima.” As for how the trip might be made, "You definitely need a ship that does not use chemical propulsion.” Instead, she's looking to nuclear ...

East Palestine residents demand fully-funded healthcare

The Real News Network 19 Apr 2024
Before the railroad workers leave, they need to know that they’re trying to make piketon a nuclear hub and they’ll be shipping all of this nuclear waste, transgenic waste from all these sites around the world.

China's newest aircraft carrier was spotted with aircraft mock-ups hinting at what its future air ...

Business Insider 18 Apr 2024
The Chinese carrier relies on conventional power, as opposed to nuclear like US carriers, and steam turbines, but the ship's catapults are electromagnetic, like those on the US Navy's new Ford-class aircraft carriers.

Baltimore bridge collapse highlights outdated safety standards around the nation, experts say

Stars and Stripes 18 Apr 2024
That early research had been focused on protecting reactors on nuclear-powered ships, and forms the basis for calculating the “ship collision impact force” on bridge piers in the U.S ... ‘We’re a dead ship’.

Seoul studies nuclear potential for ships

Splash24/7 17 Apr 2024
KRISOsaid yesterday it will develop core technologies for SMR-powered ships, including a conceptual design of an SMR-powered ship and the development of a framework for integrated ship-nuclear power ...

Korean institute looks into modular reactors

SAFETY4SEA 17 Apr 2024
... to large nuclear power plants ... Conceptual design of an SMR-powered ship Framework for integrated ship-nuclear power safety analysis Design of thrusters and propulsion systems for SMR-powered ships.

US Navy can’t hide its flagging fleet

Asiatimes 17 Apr 2024
The long-term US nuclear disarmament policy means each new generation of SSBNs has 40% fewer ships than the previous one and that the high cost of deploying a few warheads on an expensive system may ...

AP PHOTOS: Aboard France's aging nuclear submarines — old boats but new missions

Beaumont Enterprise 17 Apr 2024
TOULOUSE, France (AP) — Once again, the oceans beckon for France’s veteran nuclear-powered attack submarines ... France’s fleets of nuclear-powered submarines are shrouded in secrecy ... anti-ship missiles.

See the 10 types of new US Navy warships plagued by shipbuilding delays

Business Insider 17 Apr 2024
In June 2022, the Navy laid the keel for the future District of Columbia, the lead ship of the upcoming class of nuclear-powered ballistic missile subs that will replace the 14 existing Ohio-class submarines.

Opening the Devil’s Door in Asia-Pacific

Consortium News 17 Apr 2024
but also China to build nuclear weapons and look where that got North Korea compared to Iraq ... Like Japan, New Zealand is constrained by its own constitution, which includes a nuclear free law banning nuclear-powered and armed ships from its territory.

Russia's hunted A-50 command planes are its eyes over Ukraine. Here's how it compares to ...

Business Insider 17 Apr 2024
AEW&C aircraft are aerial radar stations meant to detect and track enemy weapon systems — namely aircraft, missiles, and naval ships ... With the development of nuclear-armed intercontinental ...

China picks its lowest-scoring officers to command nuclear submarines

Business Insider 16 Apr 2024
The PLAN currently operates around 60 submarines, including 6 armed with nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles, plus 6 nuclear- and 46 diesel-powered attack subs armed with a variety of anti-ship missiles and torpedoes.