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Moscow plans expansion of trans-Arctic shipping

Splash24/7 27 Jul 2021
A major share of the investment will be by Rosatom, with the state-owned nuclear power company planning several super-powerful Lider icebreaking vessels ... could be nuclear-powered. Currently the bulk of the Arctic shipping volumes are by LNG carriers.

Why the U.S. Navy Needs to Get Back to Prototyping

The Maritime Executive 26 Jul 2021
Our sister ship, USS Drum (SSN 677), was the first ship in the Pacific fleet to receive the new STASS ... maneuvering the ship, sonar search procedures, and plotting contacts ... Ted Molligen (a ship rider from Analysis and Technology, Inc.) noted that the array’s beams were cones and the sea bottom was a plane.

DP World and Rostatom partner on Arctic shipping venture

Splash24/7 26 Jul 2021
Dubai-based terminal operator DP World has anounced it will work with Russian state nuclear energy firm Rosatom to develop pilot container shipping routes between Northwest Europe and East Asia through the Arctic ... .

Let’s not talk about nuclear ships

Splash24/7 25 Jul 2021
You need a degree in physics to understand the subject of nuclear-powered ships ... The legal issues that come with a nuclear-powered merchant ship operating with cargo on international voyages are not hard to understand, but they are very annoying ... The crew of a nuclear ship are going to have to be well paid, and well looked after.

Putin: Russia Can Detect Any Enemy, Deliver Inevitable Strike

Kayhan 25 Jul 2021
Russia has taken a worthy place among the leading naval powers within the shortest time possible, passed a colossal way of its development from a modest small boat of Peter the Great to powerful ocean-going naval ships and nuclear-powered underwater missile-carrying ...

WATCH: Russian warships & nuclear submarines on show in St. Petersburg parade as Putin hails ...

Russia Today 25 Jul 2021
The ship is designed to operate in the high seas and is armed with Kalibr cruise missiles, torpedoes and anti-aircraft weaponry ... The parade’s largest surface vessel, the cruiser ‘Marshal Ustinov’, is equipped with Vulkan anti-ship missiles that can destroy targets from up to 550km (342 miles) away.

Nuclear storage site won’t have any negative effect on oil and gas

Rio Rancho Observer 23 Jul 2021
The Eddy Lea Energy Alliance (ELEA), in cooperation with Holtec International, is proposing an interim storage facility for spent nuclear fuel shipped from U.S. commercial nuclear reactors ... The safety and environmental reviews of the facility are being performed by the Nuclear ...

Iran's new oil terminal aims to bypass Gulf chokepoint

The New Arab 23 Jul 2021
Commentators contend the move might not curb global price volatility but could help Tehran ramp up exports if damaging US sanctions are lifted, a move that depends on the future of a 2015 nuclear deal that currently hangs by a thread ... from a landmark 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

From Crossroads to Godzilla: the cinematic legacies of the first postwar nuclear tests

The Conversation 22 Jul 2021
It involved 42,000 people, around 150 support vessels and over 90 target ships and submarines. Crossroads baker nuclear explosion and the target ships around it, as seen from an aircraft camera, 25 July 1946 ... It also used over half the world’s supply of film footage and hundreds of cameras to capture the nuclear detonations.

Six Decades of US-Japanese Government Collusion in Bringing Nuclear Weapons to Japan

GlobalResearch 20 Jul 2021
The Navy ship containing nuclear bombs that a junior officer saw anchored off Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station in 1959 was only the most notorious of many U.S ... The front of the ship would open up like a clam-shell, and amphibious ... ship in a Japanese port had nuclear weapons aboard.

Even as Ardern signals alignment with US, New Zealand still seeks to maintain distance

The Observer 20 Jul 2021
New Zealand has long prided itself on having an “independent” foreign policy that charts a middle path between great powers ... Over the past week, however, Ardern has moved towards a much closer alignment with America ... Back then, a new Labour government banned visits by nuclear-powered ships and allowed the collapse of a military alliance with America.

Biden administration eyeing new sanctions on Iran oil sales if nuclear talks fail: report

The Hill 19 Jul 2021
... if talks to revive the Iran nuclear deal fail ... The potential sanctions, which would only be enforced if nuclear talks fail, would target the shipping network that includes 1 million barrels of oil a day, a significant revenue source for Iran, the Journal reported, citing U.S.

Why are Tory councillors in Essex censoring artwork?

The Observer 19 Jul 2021
These flowers are now in storage, thanks to the councillors’ objection to the wording of a plaque in the installation that detailed the fact that nuclear weapons were assembled at Foulness (a matter of record) before being shipped to Australia, where they were detonated.

The Energy Bulletin Weekly 19 July 2021

Resilience 19 Jul 2021
Tehran is not prepared to resume negotiations on coming back into compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal until Iranian President-elect Ebrahim Raisi’s administration has begun, a diplomatic source said ... About 90% of the work on the Iran nuclear deal has been done, but the 10% that remains might prove a tough nut to crack.

Could a Nuclear-Powered Cargo Ship Transit the Suez Canal?

The Maritime Executive 18 Jul 2021
A molten salt nuclear reactor could be deactivated prior to a nuclear-powered ship arriving at the entrances of Suez Canal, and a towed electric generator vessel would attach to each deactivated nuclear ship via towing cable and interconnecting power cables, providing propulsive energy and navigation control to the large ship.